When immersed in the design process, I focus on the idea that my designs are to be fresh and cool. My goal is to make sure that my audience comprehends the feeling and message in every piece. Although my designs may have a cool vibe, I strive to successfully convey the purpose of communication and not only create fine art pieces.

Generally, my designs are stylistically flat and usually consist of one color, or have a monochromatic approach. Alternatively, most of my illustrative creations are jam- packed with color. I believe art is stagnant in black and white; everything pops with color.

Constructively, my works share a stronghold with composition and the layout of every piece is executed to-the-T. I make sure there’s enough space from the edges and from other elements. This keeps my viewer’s eyes from becoming strained by a busy design and strengthens the flow of the composition.

I enjoy showing my process and the various ways I can treat each work. It starts with listening to music and sketching various ideas. I then look for ways to connect other ideas together to form a strong concept.

I usually try to incorporate different trends, but I see those more as inspiration. I take the fundamentals and characteristics from multiple trends and warp them in a way that is unique to my style. I don’t want to be known as a trendy artist, I want to be a timeless artist.

Photography courtesy of Kris Rivera